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Games for Nature
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Games for Nature
Detta lilla häfte är mycket trevligt upplagt med mycket bilder och enkla texter. Övningarna passar bra när man har en stund över vid bussen eller vid en utomhuspedagogisk lektion ute. Häftet är på engelska men bra skrivet och lätt att förstå övningen.
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The booklet “Games for Nature. Environmental education through the eyes of young people is a final outcome of the Youth Exchange “Learning from each other – games from environmental education which took place during seven days in September 2010 in the Polish mountains. It involved 5 organizations from various European countries, all of which work in the field of youth and environmental work, especially environmental education. The youth exchange was planned for 25 participants (4 young people and one group leader from each country: Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Poland). We used the principle of “learning from each other to exchange ideas, experience and best practices from environmental education through workshops prepared by each of the organizations taking part in the youth exchange. Each day one participating organization gave a presentation and ran practical workshops using the method “learning by doing – we consider this the best way to present environmental education games and activities. During these activities each organization presented its best practices, the most effective methods they use in their work with youth (for example: environmental and educative games, various outdoor activities). The aim was to transmit the most successful and inventive practices to other organizations and to improve and vary the everyday work of the youth NGOs. So as to share with other organizations and people involved in environmental education the results of the project, we prepared this booklet with all the games and activities presented during the youth exchange.
Monika Kotulak Coordinator of the project. Polen

2011-10-13 09:06:51